This video covers Part 5: Testing of section “Getting Started” from the Django Documentation.

Automated Testing is an important factor of programming, also it’s not easy to comprehend at beginner level. Therefore, I recommend reading the whole tutorial Part 5: Testing in the Django Documentation. At first, as a newcomer, you might feel it’s a little overwhelming. However, just read it and don’t worry too much about its “wide range of concepts and codes”. You’ll gradually understand its idea and concept.

So, hereinafter I just placed the “timestamps”, and will leave the text for you to read directly from the Django Documentation.


00:00:00 – Intro
Similar to the previous videos, before we start I rearrange my windows to dark-mode (to reduce eye strain). For internet browser (Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox) “dark-mode” I’m using the extension named “Dark Reader”. Also I’m placing the “text” window and “coding” window to be side-by-side to easier comparing while doing.

00:01:05 – Let’s start Tutorial 5


00:01:23 – Introducing automated testing

00:06:25 – Basic testing strategies

Working on Tests

00:08:37 – Writing our first Test

00:12:52 – Create a Test to expose the bug

00:18:00 – Running tests

00:23:13 – Fixing the bug

00:27:50 – More comprehensive tests

Testing our Views

00:34:33 – Test a View

00:36:00 – The Django test client

00:43:37 – Improving our View

00:47:03 – Testing our new View

00:52:53 – Testing the DetailView

More things on testing

00:55:38 – Ideas for more Tests

00:57:47 – When testing, more is better

01:00:39 – Further testing

Thank you

01:02:57 – Thanks and see you in the next video

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