This video covers Part 4: Forms and Generic Views of section “Getting Started” from the Django Documentation.


00:00 – Intro

00:25 – Something to ease my eyes

Django Forms

01:42 – Let’s start Tutorial 4

01:53 – Write a minimal Form

10:39 – Edit polls/
Adjusting views to match the newly created Form. Here we will replace codes in the Vote view with the new one the actually do something rather than just display a phrase “You’re voting on question…”

21:50 – Create polls/results.html
Create a new template polls/results.html for our beloved “polls” app.

23:03 – Let’s see the changes

Generic Views

29:30 – Using Generic Views
The shorter the code the better, right? It’s not save time & effort to write codes, but also help maintaining & editing such codes to be much easier. For this, Django rocks! Generic Views help you save a lot of time as these provide various helpful “out-of-the-box” functions.

33:15 – Amend URLconf
In this step we are editing file: polls/ to use with our Generic Views.

35:35 – Amend Views
Addition to above step, we also replace codes in polls/ to match our Generic Views setting.

43:01 – Checking the changes
Remember our command: “python runserver”? Use it within the folder contains file to run Django’s Development Server. Then use your internet browser and go to “” and checking the changes we have made so far.

Thank you

46:25 – Thanks and see you in the next video.

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